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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is an increasingly popular procedure that has a reliable and predictable outcome. Your desire for larger breasts may be to create breasts that you never had, restore previous breast size and shape, or correct asymmetry. Surgery will enlarge your breasts and change the profile of your upper body. Following augmentation many patients feel much better about themselves and they often feel more feminine with a greater ease in fitting attractive clothes. However an augmentation cannot be expected to resolve some of the deeper, perhaps psychological, issues that some patients attribute to their small breast size.

When contemplating a breast enlargement there are many things for you to consider. You need to be fully aware of what is involved in the operation and it’s aftercare, that you understand it’s implications and risks and you need to be sure that your expectations of the procedure are realistic before you decide whether a breast augmentation is for you or not.

In almost all cases the breast is enlarged by placing an implant behind the breast to increase volume and enhance the projection of the breast. The implants that we use have an outer silicone shell with various formulations of silicone being used as a filling material. There are other types of implants available with saline or salt water as an alternative filler.

It is important to remember that an augmented breast is not the same as a natural breast and there will be differences in firmness and mobility between an augmented and a natural breast. Most of these differences are usually advantageous and are often the reasons why people seek a breast augmentation but it is important to remember that the breast in general will be firmer than normal and tend to sit on the front of the chest rather than fall to the side when lying. The difference varies from individual to individual and with a soft modern implant of modest volume compared to the host breast, the differences are very difficult to discern.